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Mathematics is a wonderful discovery. It's uses are quite varied from finance to science, and engineering to technology. But many students feel challenged in understanding math. The reason is quite simple. Mathematics is a difficult subject to understand without a competent instructor. And unfortunately, the math books do not cover the fundamental concepts with any degree of clarity. So most students struggle to solve math problems they barely understand. Finally a math tutoring course that really works. Really!

  • Students who develop math skills become exceptional problem solvers.

  • Most math teachers are not experts. This course is taught by a top Electrical Engineer.

  • The teacher is responsible for the student gaining an understanding of the subject.

  • In teaching math, the student need's to know the "why" and not just "how" to solve the problem. When that does not happen, the student will start losing interest in math which will limit their future career choice.

  • Mastering Addition to Fractions is part of the journey, you also learn Number Concepts.

  • We guarantee that our students will pass math with a grade of B or higher.


Mathematics Education has proved to be one of the major challenges facing our nation and its global competitiveness. At EDULEARN, Inc., we have taken up the challenge by providing experienced and an academically gifted and honors Electrical Engineer as your math instructor. Our instructor welcomes student feedback.

  • Ibrahim Daramy

    Senior Instructor

    Ibrahim Daramy

    Mr. Daramy is a former president of the D.C. Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the National Engineering Honor Society. He has experience working at IBM Development Labs at San Jose, CA and Glendale Labs, NY. He was a Staff Software Engineer at COMSAT (Communication Satellite Corporation) in Clarksburg, MD. He was also a Senior Software Analyst at INTELSAT in Washington, D.C.

A Story: From Math to Engineering

There are quite likely few kids that had a more joyful and playful life than I, growing up. My parents let me attend school without requiring that I study or do any homework.  My teachers told them that I was a slow learner. By the age of 13, I was - not surprisingly, performing at the bottom of my class of 36 students. Math and English made no sense. 

Fortunately, at 13, I was sent to a Boarding School, a Grammar School in Bournemouth, England. The Headmaster required that we all do our homework every day after school, though we received no help. I soon became the top math student in my class that year. I subsequently became an exceptional student with an ability in mathematics and physics which led me to pursue University studies. After an Electrical Engineering degree, I then obtained a Masters of Computer Science degree. All, by studying math every day at the age of 13, no difference from students taking music or sports - practice makes perfect!

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Why Learn Mathematics?

Learn Arithmetic

Arithmetic is the foundation of mathematics. It includes Number Concepts, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Decimals, Division, and Fractions. These topics and more are covered in this course.

Why take this course?

  • I need to learn math quickly!

    This course is for any student, parent, or job seeker who needs help with math. Why is it that we cannot go out and buy a book on math that explains the subjects simply? This course addresses this problem.
          How should I approach these lessons? View each day's lesson as a tutoring session worth $50 per hour. So please invest the time to study daily until you gain mastery; as, "practice makes perfect!"
  • Online Math Tutoring Course

    Students can learn math quickly online with step-by-step instructions. Review previous math lessons, take quizzes, and study 24/7, day or night at their own pace at Easy Math Tutor. And you may submit your lesson questions, provide suggestions, and be on your way to mastering math.
  • What makes this math tutoring unique?

    We teach math as if it is a single subject called Arithmetic and so Fractions, Division, and Decimals are treated as one. Mathematics should tell a story of the problems it is trying to solve. But math is often treated like a dictionary where the student is made to memorize rules whose meaning and context they do not understand. This course focuses on the understanding of math.

Expertise is focused dedication TM

Mathematical ability comes from quality instruction and student's efforts.

  • This math training will benefit students needing proficiency in mathematics

  • Those who are falling behind in math and need remedial training

  • Those who need to pass math to graduate

  • And parents who want to learn math in order to help their kids

Easy Math Tutor: Features

In this course, students are engaged with lesson videos, step-by-step text guide, quizzes, and much more. Everything that the student is taught is actionable to attain the desired learning outcome which is proficiency in arithmetic.

  • LMS (Learning Management System)

  • Full video, audio, and text on desktop and mobile computers.

  • Resume on any device: Students resume learning exactly where
    they left off, even mid-video. Students can resume play on any
    device, including mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

  • Save time - student purchases, receipts,
    enrollments/course access, password resets, and instructor
    notifications are all fully automated online.

  • Course Progress Report

  • Quizzes and Exams

  • Instructor monitoring and response to questions*

Algebra 1

Contents: Positive and Negative Numbers, Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials, Simple Equations, Parenthesis, Division, Factoring, Fractions, Equations containing Fractions, Linear Systems, Exponents, Square Root, Radicals, Quadratic Equations, and Ratio and Proportions.

Learn in 4-weeks!

Yes, it is possible to learn arithmetic in 4 weeks with this course. Beyond that, each week, we will take you deeper. And so your objective should be to acquire mathematical ability which this course will help you to develop through explanations, illustrations, demonstrations, and quizzes. With this, you will have the skills to apply mathematical solutions to different situations in life including school, jobs, and hobbies.

  • Parents need help because of the rising cost of college education. Top performing students may qualify for scholarships.

  • Students with mathematical ability will require less study time for math which can be devoted to other subjects.

  • Students who are considered gifted in mathematics are quite often harder working or are receiving help, and are better prepared for class lectures, and as a result are able to follow along.


Please provide your experience. Thank you!

Mary. D

Received an A in Math.. Thanks!

Mary. D

"I would like to thank you for helping me in my Math class at the University of Maryland. I had been out of school for many years and needed help with Math. You are the best math teacher I have ever had. I was able to learn quickly because you really understand mathematics and you broke things down into simple steps.

"I wish I had you as my teacher in high school. Your explanations were clear and to the point. You made me feel smart :-) One more thing; you taught me to understand math and not just memorize endless formulas and Math Rules. And best of all, my final grade in my University math class was an A. Thank you so much."


  • What subjects are in the course?

    The course will cover Arithmetic which includes: Number Concepts, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Decimals, Division, Fractions, and Pre-algebra. Our launch special will also include Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and higher subjects when released.

  • Course sessions, updates, and tools

    Most sessions will include video lessons and a quiz. Quizzes are important because they increase the learning effectiveness.

    The tutoring will start within 1 to 2 days of enrollment.

    Video lessons and contents for each tutoring session will be uploaded on average 3 days each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until course completion. This schedule might change for future courses with greater or lesser frequency based upon the course requirements. Courses, once released, may be reviewed during the duration of your membership subscription unless updated or removed in order to enhance your learning experience.

  • Can I ask the instructor questions?

    Yes, absolutely. We will try to respond to every student. But if the engagement level becomes too great to handle completely or if more appropriate, answers to select questions may be provided for the benefit of all of the students. Your suggestions are also welcomed as we plan to update the tutoring videos regularly.

  • What are the payment options?

    All major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.) are accepted. PayPal is accepted for onetime payments only and not for recurring monthly subscriptions. Serving our customers since 1996. EDULEARN®, Inc.

  • Need to cancel a subscription?

    It is easy to cancel a subscription.* At the top right corner of your computer screen, click on your user name clipart image.

    2. Then a drop-down list will appear; select MyAccount. From here, you can:

    • View/update your saved credit card.
    • View/cancel your recurring payments
      (i.e. subscriptions and payment plans).
      Cancellation will take effect immediately.

    *If you choose to re-enroll at a later date, standard enrollment fee and membership rates will apply.

  • What is your return policy?

    Very generous :-).

    We offer both a 7-day and 1-year return policy, please see details below. You may cancel your subscription within 7 days of enrollment for a full refund. If you don't wish to continue with your membership, please cancel before the trial expires or your next billing cycle if you are on a monthly subscription plan to avoid being charged because we're unable to issue refunds except with regards to our 1 year money-back guarantee per the details below.

    If you are a registered student at an accredited learning facility*, if after using this tutoring service you or your child do not pass your final exam with a grade of B or greater after 3+ months from purchase, simply send in a copy of the official report (up to 1 year from start of membership) for a full refund. Valid only in the Continental United States.

    *Our pass guarantee is for full payment of the 1 year membership fee as an extra level of protection for those who have committed themselves or their children to the program. It is only fair that the risk is on us because of trust they have put on our program.

    The 1 year pass guarantee excludes monthly subscriptions, enrollment fee, promotional offers through partnerships, group purchases, or special discounts through Schools and Educational Institutions.

    No obligation cancellation: After your 7-day trial period, your Monthly Membership Subscription may be cancelled at any time without further obligations. Any amounts paid up to your cancellation are not refundable. And please be aware that cancellations will go into effect immediately and access to the courses will no longer be available.

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